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Gold-Finance Holdings Limited (HKEx: 1462), formerly known as Nga-Chun Holdings Limited, was acquired by the parent company JC Group on January 26, 2016 and changed its name as Gold-Finance Holdings Limited officially in April 2016. The Company is engaged in three major business segments, i.e. investment and asset management, unique town property investment & development and unique town industry investment fund.

Gold-Finance Holdings Limited is the only concept stock featuring special towns in the Hong Kong stock market. Gold-Finance Holdings Limited is a comprehensive financial institution which integrates private fund management and is committed to providing one-stop and diversified financial services to all types of clients. The Company has fully acquired Baoming Real Estate Group and established a subsidiary in China with a registered capital of RMB 10 billion to enter the real estate development business of special towns. So far, the Company has successfully acquired a number of high-quality land plots in mainland China. While focusing on fund management, providing financial services to its special town projects and building a financial service platform for special towns, the Company is committed to becoming the flagship model of “Finance + Real Estate” featuring special towns.

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