The building services industry is steering towards designing and installing more complex and more energy efficient systems for buildings in Hong Kong. The public’s increasing awareness of energy efficiency, and indoor air quality and sustainability have triggered contractors in the Building Services industry to construct better heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. The increasing popularity of intelligent buildings such as the Hong Kong Central Library, International Commerce Centre etc. has also played a role in the industry. These buildings are technologically more advanced and provided a cost-effective built environment through the optimisation of structure, systems, services and management, in order to maximise the efficiency of its occupants and allow effective management of resources with minimum life costs. Therefore, the design and installation work processes that go into the servicing of intelligent buildings are more complicated.

Moreover, with the aging of buildings in Hong Kong, building maintenance and renovation works are envisaged. This further escalates the need for greater provision of building services engineering works to be done for the foreseeable future.

In view of the aforesaid market development and the increasing spending of the Government on construction works as well as the current growth prospects for building services industry mainly caused by the Government’s intention and policy to stablise the local property market by increasing the supply of both private and public residential units, such as securing land for public rental housing and home ownership scheme, and resumption of the land sale program, the Directors believe that the gross output value of the Building Services industry in Hong Kong will continue to rise. Having considered solid experience in the Building Services industry, possession of the requisite licenses and registration for undertaking engineering projects in both private and public sectors of the Group, the Directors are of the view that the Group is well positioned to capture the emerging business opportunities.